Why the LAW of Attraction Doesn’t Work for Some People

Whenever the law of attractions fails to work on some people, this is termed as an error of the flaw of attraction. Most people get the perception that the concepts don’t work.

So, what f you mean by the term Flaw of attraction? The flaw of attraction occurs when the law of attraction works to provide evidence that this concept never works. Often also referred to as the paradox of law of attraction!

In such a situation the immediate reactions are usually having a victim mentality where you blame everyone around you including your god whenever the law of attraction fails to work on them. Well, the reaction is understandable you are disappointed but shouldn’t you try and understand the law better and determine whether you made any mistakes along the way?

Law of Attraction isn’t magic

The problem with most people is that they always want shortcuts. This explains why the majority of them see the law of attraction as a magic trick. Well, here is the truth, it’s magic and it won’t work instantly. There are other factors that have to be just right for this to work and most importantly you have to believe that it will work on you.

The way the concept of the law of attraction is introduced to us makes us believe that it will work just like magic. From a broad perspective, most people see this law as a shortcut to get successful in like but is it really?

Most people fail to realize that successful people behave in a certain way and this is what separates them from the normal chunk of people.

Never give up

On a personal experience the first time I tried out this law I was particularly obsessed with one manifestation. I would explore materials related to manifestation and personal development. I failed miserably and I even considered giving up.

Before giving up I viewed everything in a whole new angle and it is only then that I realized that I was implementing it wrongly and the whole time my mind was working against me. If I did it right the first time I would have been in a position to build my online business.

Since my goal was attaining financial prosperity I realized that what I had to do was to develop prosperity consciousnesses then gradually start believing in it. It was only then that I was ready to manifest in my subconscious mind.

The vibration level

It’s a necessity for one to have a desire but honestly, it shouldn’t stop there. You also have to prepare yourself to receive or achieve what you desire.

For the laws of the universe to give you what you asked for you must allow its eternal power to flow through you with no hindrance.

Nothing comes easy and there is no shortcut, if you want to be successful there is a price to pay. When normal people spend a lot of precious time worrying about how things are not working, the success lot spend their time seeking answers and solutions from the inner world.

For this, to work, you have to believe in it. Know that what comes easy for you is rather difficult for other people and what you find impossible is someone cup of tea. It’s all about the angle you are viewing things from.

In other words that are rather simpler and understandable, the goals that we have in life have no identity. We give these goals shape and deiced whether they are small goals, big goals, possible goals or an impossible one. You are on the driving seat and it you who will determine if this will work or not.

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