Self Hypnosis vs. Meditation – Are They the Same Thing

When it comes to self-hypnosis and meditation very few people understand what the whole thing is all about.

Most people actually believe that meditation and self-hypnosis are all but the same thing. Perhaps due to the fact that the two both focus on an internal soul searching!

To some extent the two are similar in that there is a major difference between the two and it is this reason that the two are considered completely different procedures.

 What is different?

The difference between meditation and self-hypnosis lies in the goals aimed to achieve each one of the two. Particularly, in meditation, the mind is usually independent and free meaning that one can observe and visualize things in their mind.

On the other hand, things are different when it comes to self-hypnosis which mainly focuses on helping improve something especially a behavior pattern. Self-hypnosis will also do the trick for you if you have believes that are either religious or cultural that hinders you from being successful.

Meditation is boundless and rather broad

Meditation is more of like starting a journey with no particular destination in mind. The fun part of it is the adventure and the fact that you will only have to guess what’s coming next.

Meditating is like taking a journey to your mind, you don’t give directions but rather you let the inner self-walk you through what necessary for you to see at that particular moment.

Every meditation journey is unique and special. You will enjoy seeing what your inner-self has to show you about your current situation.

Meditation is like a journey to the wilderness, you don’t know where you are going, where you are but you will always love the final destination each and every time.

The purpose of self-hypnosis

With self-hypnosis, you have a navigator to walk you through ensuring that you focus on specific things.

Using repetitive affirmations a strong message is sent to the subconscious on what you aim to achieve in that particular session.

Unlike meditation where you were to take a journey into the unknown, with self-hypnosis you must follow a specific path. This is so as you can achieve a specific goal.

Additional things that you must know

When it comes to self-hypnosis you are basically communicating with your inner self.

On the other hand, when it comes to meditation you board without knowing where the journey will take you to. This is the fin part of meditation that is the element of surprise.

Both meditation and hypnosis are essential for growth but we should always remember that the two are completely different from each other.

On a personal experience point of view, I prefer insight meditation and Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life course when it comes to self-hypnosis.

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