Manifestation Miracle Review

Everything you have to know about manifestation Miracle

The internet if full of crap and trash products claiming to help people deal with issues related to health, wealth and life in general. These products never work and will just be a waste of your money and time. In lack of a better word they are scams and created just to defraud people.

With that said it doesn’t mean that nothing works. On the contrary there are products that work as advertised and the best way to distinguish between a scam and a product that works would be the reviews. If you search on the internet you will get tones of reviews on manifestation miracle. The reviews will help you build trust on the product. Manifestation miracle uses the basic principle of law of attraction and in the process will help you manifest anything you would wish in your life.

I will review this product and state categorically both the advantages of the products, disadvantages and my verdict on what they should improve on. There are a lot of reviews on the internet on Manifestation Review and I will audit them the process determine whether they are legit or not. The product will be reviewed thoroughly and no stone will be left unturned.

Manifestation uses the principles of the law of attraction

Does the Manifestation Miracle work? We will go through the course and determine the answer together. Before then I have this to say. This products works but I can’t promise that this will be the case for everybody.

Ways to manifest using this product

Manifestation Miracle was created by Heather Matthews and Mark Ling and its primary focus is on how one can use the Law of Attraction to achieve happiness, get wealth or achieving great body health. If by any chance you don’t have faith that the law of attraction can work taking this course will be a waste of your precious time.

This course will walk you through the whole process on how to tune your mind in to the power of the universe. The universe has the ability to grant to yoy anything you want if you connect with it the right way. Manifest Miracle is an E-book containing 162 pages, audios explaining the book, videos and a few guides on some aspects.

Most manifestation products mix up the topics and this makes it difficult for people to understand it. With Manifestation Miracle every idea and aspect is in its own segment. The 162 pages book primarily focus on how you can increase your wealth, happiness, abundance and also improve your relationship.

Some products are rather general for people who would like to walk through the course and get a glimpse of what is entailed. If you are this kind of person then Manifestation miracle might not be your product. The product is all about details rather than general information.

The author and developer of the product

The person responsible for the success of this product is Heather Matthews. Her profession is life consultancy and is an expert when it comes to Law of Attraction. She used her name on the product but ensured that the product would not be all about her.

Truth be told, the larger part of the content was created and written by the one and only Mark Ling. Being a celebrity they use her pretty face as a marketing strategy.

For those who are not familiar with Mark Ling, she is basically an entrepreneur and has been doing such things for a while not. Not sure if with all the products she features in her intentions are to make cash but I can guarantee you that when it comes to Manifestation Miracle she gave it her all.

If you have across this product I’m certain that you know that Heather is the face of Manifestation Miracles. She has quite a reputation in the Law of Attraction industry and I doubt if she would tarnish her reputation by associating herself with a fake and useless product. Personally I wouldn’t ruin such a reputation, would you?

Information on the product

As mentioned earlier, Manifestation Miracle consists of downloadable PDFs, audios that are in MP3 format and Videos in MP4 format. In each chapter there is a demonstration video that lasts for an approximate of 15 minutes. The materials act as the blueprints to the product highlighting a step by step procedure on how things should be done right.

The slogan of the product is “Tuning your Destiny”

Meaning of Destiny Tuning

Destiny tuning is the theme of the course. In the product, they teach on how increasing energetic vibrations plays a major role in helping you manifest. Heather also highlights the various techniques on how you should associate with the universe. All these will make sense if you believe in manifestation and law of attraction or the least have some back ground information on it.

Aspects that will help you increase your inner energetic vibration

As mentioned earlier, the PDF document has 159 pages which as divided into 5 parts.

  • Part 1 focuses on destiny and success
  • Part 2 focus on teaching an individual by tuning then to their personal destiny.
  • Part 3 focus on affirmations and how to use energetic vibration
  • Part 4 is all about finding your happiness. The e-book will give you a reason to be jovial.
  • Part 5 this is the part where miracles start setting in.

Unlike most other products, with Manifestation Miracle they tend to find a specific and personalized solution. At the beginning before purchasing the product you should state your gender. Be honest when asked about your gender to ensure that you get the right affirmation and a suitable bonus.

What is entailed in the book?

Other than the audios and the e-book, Manifestation Miracle has an additional workbook meant to help you implement what you learnt in the ebook. Basically, the workbook has blank spaces where you should fill one the various things you have learnt so far.


Manifestation Miracle offers several bonuses along with the main E-book.

  • Mind tracks

As a bonus Heather offers a mind track that assists with the manifestation. The mind tracks are generally affirmations that should be used each day. They are 3 to 7 minutes each and one is advised to use stereo headphones each day for no less than 21 days.

You will get mind tracks on the following niches: wealth, love and happiness. That’s not all, you shall also get yet another bonus labeled as “ Unlimited Success Mindset Series”. It entails six audios on wealth, vitality & health, endless abundance, romance, weight loss and love.

  • Audio tracks

Just like the mind tracks it is divided into several segments that is weight loss, vitality, abundance, wealth, health, and love. The tracks are not that long and they are meant to help you affirm your goals and in the process transform your life. The accent is Australian and as we all know Australians speak clearly.

  • Videos

Unlike the previous tracks this particular video is rather long. It lasts for a whole 2hrs 30 minutes and it features both Heather Matthews and Mark Ling who share thoughts on the various issues about manifestation. You can view the whole video on its own but the creator intended the video to be a recap of the E-book. In total, there are 27 videos all which range from 7 to minutes. I find these videos very useful and help the learners understand better the concept of manifestation.

There is also a second bonus that contains 15 pages to guide you on health issues. You will also get a guide on the various exercises you should undertake to improve your health.

There is yet another bonus named as the third bonus which is an e-book containing 37 pages. The E-book will walk you through the various foods meals you should eat for a better body metabolism.

  • Books

There are various book bonuses when you purchase the Manifestation Miracle. They include Vitality, Health, Diseases and how to improve your body metabolism.

One of the books discusses the various ways in which the body and the mind work cooperating with each other when manifesting. The book also points the various exercises that you should implement to lead a healthy life.

The other book focuses on our body’s metabolism system. The book also offers a guide on the various healthy foods that one should eat to have a healthy metabolism system.

  • Money Mind-Flood System

To close the chapter of bonuses is Mark Ling’s Money Mind-Flood System which is a video lasting for 2 ½ hours. Just like the previous bonuses this one is also easy to understand and follow given the fact that it’s divided into small segments.

Advantages of Manifestation Miracle over other products

I will write down the advantages based on my personal experience, there might be other advantages other than the ones I will highlight but I believe that I will cover all the major ones.

  • Manifestation Miracle is a course designed to suit just anyone regardless their social status in the society. Anyone will have a thing or two to learn about on the course. If you don’t have any background knowledge on the Law of Manifestation this should be the course you take to teach you all the basics.
  • For a 500 pages book including the bonuses, video and audio demonstration, Manifestation Miracle is no doubt the one of the cheapest Law of Attraction course you can get on the internet today.
  • The book is rather long and it will take you more time to complete it. This is not an issue since there is no strict guideline on when you should complete it. Feel free to pause and resume just anytime as you wish.
  • Personally, I can comfortably say that reading is my hobby. This might be the case for everyone and Manifestation Miracle got you covered on this. They have an audio on every aspect and this means that you necessarily don’t have to do the reading.
  • Here is something that no other product can compete with. At the end of each chapter there is a recap section that will allow you to revisit the various things that you have learnt. This is particularly useful in helping one prepare for the other sections to come. Some people would rather prefer to skip the recap section but I recommend that you to go through it.
  • Given the output of the product they are relatively cheaper.
  • Everything on the product is downloaded digitally meaning that you can go through it just anywhere anytime. You can even do so when running through the audios in other words everything is meant to fit in your day to day life.
  • If by any chance you are not satisfied with the product, you can claim back your money within 60 days. I know that most company claim this but never refund the money, I went through the reviews personally and I affirmed that they actually give a full refund. Return rates are very rare, I rate them at an estimated 0.42%.


Just like other products in the market today, there are always a few things that could be improved to make the product better. With Manifestation Miracle these things are:

  • I find the fact that going through the course will require quite a lot of time disturbing. The creator designed the course in such a way that you can’t do everything consecutively. After you are through with a chapter you have to go through a recap. It’s useful to help you remember what you learnt earlier but if you are the kind of guy who wants to go through the course in a hurry you will find this annoying. You have to invest you time in it.
  • Every month you would be required to pay $37 for Amazing Self-series described as supplements to the product. This is totally unnecessary since the product will cover all the major aspects. Personally, I find this very expensive and I didn’t purchase it. However, if money is not a problem for you purchasing the supplements should not be an issue.
  • Everything is available in digital form. For those of us who like reading a book manually the digital form comes as a disadvantage to us. This means that you have to carry your laptop, Smartphone or tablet with you for you to access the content.
  • After every chapter there is an overlap of the important things learnt so far. Personally, I find this pretty annoying as much as these points have to be emphasized on a personal level I find it annoying.

The cost

What I find particularly well about this product compared to the rest of the products is the fact that you will get all you need in their primary product. The others are just supplements and not necessary. With other products, you have to purchase both the primary product and other additions.

Manifestation Miracle has its own upsell known termed as Amazing Self Series. It will cost you a whole $37 per month with the first month being free. I would only recommend to you that you only take the first-month offer but if spending is not an issue for you go ahead and purchase it for all the other months.

Final thoughts on the product

What I liked most about this product is how it tackled the topic on Law of Attraction. Even if you don’t believe in this law with how clearly they explain things I guarantee you that you will end up purchasing the product. They also offer a 60 days money back guarantee. I can attest to the fact that they actually refund the money.

This means that you have roughly two months to test the product to determine whether it’s worth your money or not. The return rate is at 0.42% which is one of the lowest when it comes to manifestation products.

By saying this it doesn’t mean that you take advantage of the fact that you will be refunded your money to get the product for free. Be ethical and the product will deliver.

Is this a product that you should consider?

In everything, there are two sides. I believe in the product but this doesn’t mean that I recommend it to you without sharing the negative part of it. The creators tried as much as possible to ensure that they covered people of all categories and the product will suit you if:

  • You are willing and able to sacrifice your time
  • Believe that Law of Attraction works
  • Have goals and dreams
  • Have an open mind

On the other hand, the product is not suitable for you if:

  • You don’t believe in the fact that fact that Law of Attraction works
  • You think that it’s fake
  • You don’t have at least 15 mins to spare in a day
  • You are considering it on impulse
  • You expect instant results
  • You can’t follow instructions
  • You had tried another product but didn’t complete the course.


Just to make things clear, I’m promoting this product from a neutral point of view based on how it worked for me. Personally, if I didn’t find the product useful I wouldn’t recommend it to you. As long as you heed to the instructions Manifestation Miracle is 100% safe for everyone.

Don’t let the name fool you, just because the brand has the name miracle in it that doesn’t mean that things will work as a miracle. It will be a process. You have to put in the required work failure to which everything will be a waste of money and precious time.

Both manifestation and Law of attraction have been around for a very long time now. Manifestation Miracle is a course that will help you bring the two things together and teach you how things work. You will have to sacrifice some of your time but it’s all for a worthy course.

In my  review I have tried to my level best not to be biased on the product. However, I have to state my verdict in it and given how it worked for me I definitely recommend it.

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