Is It Really Possible To Manifest Money with Visualization Technique

Most of us have heard about using visualization as a way to manifest money. In this article, I am going to walk through the various ways in which you can work on your subconscious so as to create a long lasting change in your financial capabilities.

Rather than giving a quick way of manifestation that will only work once I will share how you can use visualization to alter your inner beliefs. This is the best method if you want to better your current financial status.

As most of you can attest, this is not the first time I am writing about this technique. But, given my success story based on this technique, you can all understand why I write a lot about it. I have to make it clear that this technique doesn’t work on its own it has to be accompanied by other things and I will share everything I have acquired in the few years that I have been using it. Well, I believe that my success story is worth sharing.

Other methods used in visualization can only be applied in one circumstance. However, the technique I am going to share with you can be adopted in our day to day activities comfortably. The following are some of the major things that you need to know.

What do you know about money?

If you think carefully you will definitely figure out that money is just an abstract concept. Basically, there is nothing in the world fit enough to be called money.

Before you start throwing stones at me asking me what the hell I mean I will put it in a better perspective for you to understand. Money is only a mutual concept that people agree on as a convenient way to transact.

Money is just papers representing a system created by us human being so as to transact effectively largely due to the fact that human beings depend on each other. If the government was to change their currency notes then this would be the time when you realize that there is no such thing called money.

Now that you understand what I mean by money is just a concept, how do you view it? And, do you know that your family and social beliefs play a major role in determining how we relate with money.

What is mean is, by any chance if you want to get rich of which I know you do, then you have to view money from a better perspective. You must also understand that getting too emotional about money is rather unwarranted.

With the few points that you have gained here and there if you were to simulate all these in a game how would you do it? As for me I would do everything necessary and ensure that I win the game. If in the game you will many points would be obsessed or would you hate the people you are also winning?

It is so unfortunate that this is how people relate to money. They get too emotional and lose the prime goal of life in the first place.

There is a famous saying that goes, “Money cannot buy happiness”. Well, the saying is obviously true: try not having money you will be miserable. Come to think of it, wouldn’t you be happy if you live in a room with some good air condition rather than a shed whose temperature increases as it gets hot outside?

Holding falsified ideologies about money is the major reason why we human beings have let money ruin our lives.

People view money differently, there are those who view money as power. There is also a group of people who are made evil by money. Under which category do you fall into?

This is the question you should ask yourself if you want money to serve you rather than you serving money.

Visualization methods to last lifetime

And yes you read that right, lifetime. There is a visualization technique that you can adapt and it be useful to your for the rest of your life.

What most people don’t know is that what is happening in our life is simply just a reflection of what happens in the inner world. What we feed our subconscious mind with is what is reflected in our behavior.

By using this visualization technique all you are doing is that you are eliminating any negative beliefs previously in your system that was hindering you from manifesting more money. This doesn’t work with one trial since the subconscious beliefs occur in various layers and the more you work to improve it then the better you shall get.

For this to work, you must get ideas on the beliefs in your system mostly focusing on money. This is achieved by paying attention to the emotions you have when dealing with money.

That is what feeling you have when saving money when paying bills, when spending money and when you get unexpected money.

If you find that you have a negative feeling when handling money, you should immediately figure our something to rectify the situation right away. This has an immediate effect on your inner world and you will find that you shall slowly get rid of that negative feeling.

You should visualize depending on your current situation. For instance, if your phone breaks down and you are forced to buy a new phone this will strike you as unexpected expenditure, right? The possible thoughts on your mind would be “damn, why was I that careless?” or “since I want to save money a cheap phone will do”… In this situation one thing is certain, the phone has broken down and there is virtually nothing you can do about it. This is a great opportunity to work on your inner negative beliefs, rather than being hard on yourself you should take the opportunity to convince yourself that money is there to serve you and not the other way round.

Visualize yourself as someone with so much money that you wouldn’t mind spending the money on buying a new phone even if it is three times a year. Sounds too much but the truth is to some people this is a reality. This can be for you.

This doesn’t apply only to purchase a new phone but rather anything that makes you emotional about money. Some people get too much money unexpectedly and instead of being happy they start asking questions like, do they deserve the money, it’s weird, right? This is because they have a negative money mindset.

No matter how good you get financially it will never be enough. Personally, I had a negative money mindset and I worked on it by visualizing situations where what normal people consider as too much money is nothing but the ordinary.

I know it’s complicated but I hope that you are following and understand every detail of what I am trying to explain.

I have to admit that it was not easy for me to work on my negative money mindset perhaps due to the simple fact that I knew very little about it. However, as I begun gaining knowledge on how the mind works through the help of this program, I improved how I related to money with immediate effect.

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