I recently got the Lucky Bitch app

I recently got the Lucky Bitch app. Love it! I also love art and own a lot of it.

We just moved into our dream house that I manifested and are working on making it a home. Money’s tight because a new house has so many expenses, landscaping, fence, window coverings etc. but I found two paintings I had to have from an artist I love to complete our bedroom.

I agreed to buy them, paid a partial amount and said I would pick them up in August knowing that I had probably made an irresponsible decision (which is not like me). I said to my husband, I just have to manifest $1800.

Well, the artist is dropping off the paintings on Tuesday and this morning I noted the amount I had manifested in cash money $1799.75!!! (outside of employment income) in my Lucky Bitch app!

Now I just need to find a quarter!

Jorden Bryan What is this app? I’ve never heard of it.

Briana Miller Someone on here recommended it to me. It’s fun to track all the “extra” money and “free stuff” you get by the end of the month,

Hope Rabel Thank you for posting! I just finished reading the book and love this idea!

Jessica Carbullido Is this available only on iphones?

Deb En Just downloaded the app yesterday.

Azure Malloy Do they have this for android yet? I know they didnt last year

Nena Stojanović Wow, thats some amazing results! Tnx for sharing

Cathleen Mary So I just downloaded this app! Thank you so much!!! I was writing it all down and when I entered everything into the app, I realized I’m only $33.00 away from my goal.

But I need clarification as I can’t find it. What is the value tab for?

Briana Miller -> Cathleen Mary Value is for all the things that aren’t cash money.

Like someone bought you a coffee or you rec’d an unexpected gift card, or your sister-in-law gives you a handbag she bought for herself that just doesn’t work for her.

Money is actual money. Like you overpaid a bill and opened the mail to find a refund cheque. Or won on a lotto ticket.

There are categories when you enter the amount that you can choose from. Anything that is not “unexpected income” goes in the value category.

Courtney Mooring I just downloaded this app and I’m already feeling so abundant!

Nimita Wadhwa What is the Lucky Bitch app? What does it do?

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