I had been manifesting my entire life

3 years ago I joined this group and realized that I had been manifesting my entire life.
-my husband
-my career (at the time)
-becoming a mom
-leaving my career to stay home with my little one

I realized shortly after my little guy was born that I wanted a different house for him before he started school. Our neighbor moved and gave the house to his son whom was selling drugs so we had to move!!

Anyway, a few days after joining the group I envisioned buying a brand new home and drew up this plan (that seemed far fetched and crazy at the time). We’d have to sell our home, move in with our parents, pay off debt, save a ton for a down payment, bulk up our savings account. And, here we are!! 3 years later our dream house is ours. And guess what? We didn’t build it. This home was up the street from the development we wanted to build. But it was the same model, and lots of upgrades. Cheaper than a brand new home!!

I’m so so so thankful to have made it through to this side. It wasn’t easy but I had my vision board, my mantras and talking every morning with my husband about how good it felt to live in our dream home!! I don’t have to envision it any more for it is now my reality!!
The universe delivered, that’s for sure!!
Oh, and I signed my little man up for school yesterday and they start Sept 4!!

Proof that you can Manifest your reality!!

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