How to Overcome Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is a major issue among not only adults but also children and teenagers. When you have this monster in you, the only thing that you will concentrate on is your negatives rather than your abilities. Self-esteem makes you feel like a rained on the cat while you have the potential to be a lion, makes you crawl while you have the ability to fly, the sooner you know how to fight this monster the better your life will become.

It’s for a fact that we all have something unique in us, be it a talent or ability but most of the times is when we hide this part of us from the world since we are not so confident about ourselves.

I am not going to categorize this post as a motivational content. More often than not such content only makes you feel motivated and a completely new person for a few hours but later the following morning wake up to the same only you. This post works to ensure that by the end of it all you are a completely new person. The prime motive is to fight the monster of low self-esteem.

Self-image and the Subconscious Mind

So what is self-esteem? This is the inner image you have about yourself. The problem is, even people with low self-esteem don’t actually know it unless someone tells them. But, does it have to get all that worse for you to act? To actually know if you have a low self-esteem or not you should closely examine your thoughts and determine whether they rely on the negative or positive.

Are you the kind of person who always says negative things about yourself? What is your reaction when you are in a difficult situation? Are you proud of how you treat yourself?

If the answers to most of these questions rely more on the negative then there is no rocket science needed to determine that you have a low esteem.

If you just discovered today that your self-esteem falls on the lower side, this is not something to worry about since knowing that you have a problem itself is a huge step on this journey of improving your self-esteem.

Generally, the broad description of the term self-esteem how much we love and value ourselves. And yes, personal love matters as well. In fact, you are not ready to love each someone else if you don’t love yourself. If you have a negative on your subconscious mind this means that you will have a low self-esteem.

The kind of self-image you feed to your subconscious mind will determine how you behave not only currently but also in the future.

Self-esteem is all about how we view ourselves. This is usually the image we have created about ourselves overtime mostly based on past experiences we had during our childhood.

Childhood is a very sensitive stage in life. Children perceive everything said to them as true, if they hear harsh and negative words this is what will be fed in the subconscious mind. And, what most people don’t know is that things that we present to our subconscious mind especially at that tender age have high chances of becoming reality.

The truth of the matter is, we surely can’t change the past. However, we can change what we perceive about ourselves based on bad past experience. I have to admit that it’s not an easy task but with determination and the right guidance, this will be easy for you. The following are some of the 4 ways in which you can implement and build up your self-esteem.

4 ways to help you build a strong self-esteem

Focus on the positives

The subconscious mind takes whatever we give it just like a kid irrespective of our age. If you want to work on your self-esteem then you should try as much as possible to visualize positive thing about ourselves

Quite a number of people claim that they don’t even know the basics about visualization. The truth is we visualize every now and then only that we don’t know that we are doing it then. If you are not sure on where to start, there are several articles online that can guide you on this.

All that is required of you is to visualize yourself in a self-confident state and believe in yourself in everything that you do. If you visualize this you will not a difference in your behavior and how you perceive things.


On a personal level, affirmation is not one of my favorite. After all, repeating words to yourself can get rather boring. However, it is possible to ignore the impact repeated words have on our subconscious mind.

To avoid getting bored doing this or rather perceiving yourself as crazy you should find an interesting way to do it. Personally, this is the criteria that I use to make my affirmations interesting.

· Be real- affirmations get boring when you can find anything to relate in it. For you to find it interesting you have to keep it real.

· Keep positive- don’t use any negative words in your affirmation.

If for instance you find yourself socially awkward in a way that you can’t gain the courage to face people and socialize with them, consider formulating your affirmations as follows;

With this, what would come to most people’s mind is ‘I don’t get scared of people’. This statement looks okay, but trust me its anything but okay. It contains two negative words that are don’t and scared.

The ideal affirmation to use would be ‘being the super confident person I’m, I just blend in with everyone I interact with’.

This statement is positive but lacks an element of truth in it. This would be an ideal affirmation for a later date when you have already worked on your self-esteem.

With a low esteem, you should start off with something like, ‘I will go out more and I believe that I will interact well with the majority of them’.

Change how you talk to yourself

The easiest and fastest way of gaining self-confidence is being extra careful about what you think and say about yourself.

We are not all perfect and the truth is once in a while we might fail in something here and there. How you respond to such incidences is what will determine the self-brand image you build about yourself. If you fail at something and get thoughts calling yourself a loser, or feeling not good enough you should stand up firm and stop such thoughts. The kind of thoughts you give a chance in your mind should be, next time I’m going to nail it, this failure doesn’t define who me. In other words, always try and see the positive side of things.
Do things that make you happy

Activities that you love make you emotionally happy. If you want to be happy this not something that is more of an option. The fact is, if you can’t be happy, then you can’t make anyone happy at all. The fastest way to be happy is by doing things that you love.

You should also try and improve your physical appearance. Buy yourself a few staffs here and there improve our physical appearance. If you look good your subconscious mind will note it and this will have an automatic boost in your confidence levels.


I understand that these are not the only ways in which you can improve your self-esteem. However, not everything works. This list contains 4 ways in that you can adapt and work on your self-esteem. Personally, I have seen them work on me least assured that they will also work on you.

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