How to Manifest Miracles Using Law of Attraction

Are you under the category that is almost giving up and feel that for your desires and dreams to come to reality it will only take a miracle?

Here is a comforting fact, everyday miracles happen to people in the form of manifestation.

It is very easy to get your share of miracles all you have to do is follow a few basic principles of the law of attraction.

And, yes, it’s true it works.

Has manifesting miracles ever worked for you?

Well, I have put this question across given the fact there are some people who tried out Law of Attraction having high expectations that it will transform their lives. The turnout of events ended up being what they didn’t expect and made them lose faith in the whole process. To them, the law of attraction doesn’t work.

Are you one of such people and what should you do?

I have used the Law of attractions for a long time now and I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Tricks that will help you make the law work for you despite a first bad encounter.

Step by step guide of manifesting miracles

  1. Be clear

For manifestation to work, you have to be clear on what you desire and wants. Take a pen and write down your desires. For instance, if your desire is to get a good paying job, write down in specifics the exact job you desire, also take time to write down to write the monthly salary you desire, the kind of co-workers you would like t have around and the locations as well.

It doesn’t end there; write down what you feel at that exact moment. Are you happy, envious, do you feel appreciated? Write down exactly how you feel.

If you having time deciding what you want there is a better way to do it. Write down the things you wouldn’t want. After you are through, turn to a new page and write down what you would want which should be the exact opposite of what you don’t want.

There is still room for writing more that is when you want it to happen and why.

  1. Imagination

After you have written down what you want it’s now time to visualize what you desire. And, there is a great difference between visualization and daydreaming. With visualization, you feel as if your desires have come to reality. You can do it after all you are only required to manifest no more than minutes in a day.

  1. You have to believe

For manifestation to work, you have to believe it to see it. You must believe that you will manifest miracles before seeing it.

Start off by dreaming about it and this will come rather natural if you believe.

You also have to be happy. This can only be possible if you are grateful for your current life and appreciate people in your life.

  1. Have trust

When you have unquestionable trust about something you won’t get impatient even of it delays.

Don’t be paranoid such and be checking time every few seconds anxiously waiting for your miracle.

No need to keep track of time, doubting whether it will actually work or not. Have faith in the Universe. It will manifest your miracles at its own pace the good thing is, you know it’s coming your way.

  1. Clear all barriers

At times it is just normal having insecurities and doubts. How you handle them is what determines whether you will manifest miracles or not.

Don’t deny or bury the doubts. You are supposed to eliminate them. Ask for assistance from the Universe it might give you a way forward on this. There is no manifestation when you have doubts. Nurse your fears and doubts before first. This is one of the main reasons why manifestation never works in some people. And, yes, at times clearing the doubts it’s hectic but you have to do it.

If you want your dreams to become reality follow these steps and your desires will become reality.

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