How to Clear Your Energy Blocks

To achieve new things, you have to strive for it energetically. Which is why we will go over the 3 effective methods which can be used to clear up your energy blocks.

Some people erroneously believe that having desires is responsible for people’s pain and agony. This isn’t true at all. Agony arises, not from mere desires but from unfulfilled desires. It is absolutely fine to desire good things. It is a good thing to have a clear vision for one’s future. However, because not every desire comes to pass, there is a need to learn these two things in order to avoid pain and agony due to unfulfilled desires.

  • Detachment – detachment involves keeping one’s emotional state free from whatever happens in your surroundings. Learning to stay detached from the world around you is quite difficult to learn. However, as times goes on and you continue to better understand how to shield your inner self from external influence, you will learn to accept your aspirations and desires without being worried about whether you will be able to achieve them or not.
  • Make Your Dreams Come True – I can bet you weren’t expecting this right? Seriously, learning to accomplish all that you want is the best way to prevent the agony associated with not achieving it. When you master the art of getting what you want, there will be nothing else that can unhappy.

Attaining inner peace depends on how well you can master detachment. Later in this post, we will discuss a sure way to achieve your desires without having to struggle at all.

This world might not always be the very way you want it to be. But you can still keep certain things within “your world” in your control. Clearing your energy ensures that you attain a higher state of flow where you can easily get the things you want in life.

Haven’t you noticed that you are usually super confident when you set goals for yourself, then soon, you discover that things gradually begin to change. Your thoughts soon start working against you? Why do you think this happens? Why do you suddenly lose heart? Why is it harder to achieve anything bigger than the things we have in our lives already?

The answer lies in your Energy Blocks!

What Are Energy Blocks

The subject of energy blocks has been extensively explained in the post “Unlimited Abundance.” However, I will explain it her also. You need to know that the things keeping you away from achieving what you desire are the resistance from your own thoughts both unconsciously and consciously.

Every one of your actions are guided by your thought process. Sometimes, our thoughts unconsciously lead us away from achieving our dreams. Energy blocks prevent easy flow of positive thoughts and great ideas that are meant to lead you towards success.

They are mere subconscious beliefs that have been formed in your minds since childhood. Failing to get rid of beliefs like this will stop you from getting results better than your past achievements.

Energy blocks are like walls. They prevent the flow of good things and by bringing down these walls, you open the door to abundance. It requires persistent efforts to clear up energy blocks. Thus you must make it a regular part of you for you to see significant results.

  1. Positive Affirmations

In explaining what she called the “Unlimited abundance program” Christie explained that she makes use of energy clearing affirmations or statements. While I am not sure of what makes this method effective, I have come to realize these statements are more effective at altering inner beliefs than any other method.

When applied appropriately, Affirmations can work effectively because repeating thoughts backed by strong emotions can change limiting beliefs and change your energy.

Note however that positive words aren’t enough, it has to be backed by strong emotions or it will not invoke the positive feelings you want. In order to bring your desires to manifestation, you need to decide the affirmations you want to use and make us use of it consistently.

You can alter your subconscious belief through the persistent use of affirmations: here is how to go about this:

Determine the particular area of your life where you have been struggling. It could be your financial situation for example. Now check yourself and determine what sorts of feelings you get any time the subject of your finances is raised. For example, how do you feel when you need to pay a bill? Is it a feeling of annoyance or heaviness?

When this is the case, then you need to find out the thoughts that might be responsible for it. It is possible that your thoughts during such periods are something like “I am running out of cash”, or “I need to pay my rent”, “I don’t have enough to spend”, or “I will soon go into debt” etc.

Next, take some time and reflect on the beliefs that are the root cause of these thoughts. In the example above, for example, we can come to the conclusion that the beliefs responsible for such thoughts might be somewhat like “it is difficult to earn money” this is belief is very common and is behind the struggles many people in the average income bracket face.

What you should do is to choose an affirmation that follows the following lines of thought:

  1. Something positive that can neutralize that particular wrong belief
  2. It should be a statement that contains negation or denies reality. You can’t use something like “I am not fat” instead you can make use of statements like “I am losing weight really fast”.
  3. Finally and most importantly you should use statements that are true and gives you positive vibes.

Micheal J. Losier’s book “The Law of Attraction” is a great book that teaches you ways of formulating positive affirmations. It emphasizes using words like “I am in the process of…” for your personal affirmations. By doing this, they not only sound truthful and believable but are even more effective.

After choosing your affirmation, you have to repeat it daily. You can also say your affirmation whenever you get the heavy feelings mentioned earlier. If you are someone who prefers writing, you can put down your affirmations daily on a piece of paper.

With time, you will begin to notice some positive changes especially in terms of your feelings when the particular subject you want to address comes up.

Hope you learned from this post. What ways have you been able to alter your personal subconscious beliefs that have been limiting you? share your views about his to use in the comment section below. If you have any queries or questions you can send it to us on our contact page.

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