How The Law Of Attraction Changed My Life

‘The Secret’ is the title of the move that completely transformed my life. I was able to view life at a completely different angle. Previously, I had heard about the law of attraction and unlike most people who are rather too quick to dismiss it. Personally, I was a believer, and I didn’t shy off giving it a try but due to lack of commitment and seriousness this didn’t last for long before I decided to call it quits. All was not in vain since I learned something very important that I didn’t know before. For you completely change how you view things you had to work on your subconscious work which is not all that easy especially if you are not guided appropriately as you shall see on this post.

At the beginning of it all, most of the things about the law of attraction sounded like magic. Nothing seemed earthly or relatable. Later I came to know that this was far from the truth. We obey the so-called universal laws each and every day just that we don’t we are actually doing it.

It’s for a fact that most of the things in the law of attraction sound strange but there is nothing new. Actually, I relate this to the force of gravity. When the law of gravity was first discovered, it sounded unearthly. However, this was just a law that initially existed and all that had been done was discover it. The same case applies to the universal law. Just like gravity, this is something that we use in our day to day lives without realizing it.

When you know the basics of the law of attraction you are able to attract good things in your life. This doesn’t come all by itself since you have to undergo several manifestation sessions so that you can actually manage to change your inner world. It’s only when you manifest good things that you can attract them.

With that said I will go straight to the point and take you to my world since when I started using the law of attraction principles to change my inner work and take charge of the things I attract in life.

Day to day ritual for a life with abundance

What most people don’t know is that, if you are struggling at something there are very high chances that happen due to negative thoughts fed to you during your childhood.

Basically, when we were young and innocent, our subconscious mind was open to everything we hear. If by any chance negative things are said to us, this is what our mind will perceive. Believing in it and holding onto it shape us to become exactly what was fed to the subconscious mind later in future.

In most cases, how we were brought up and the people we associated with have a great impact on the person we become in the future. This should not always be the case if you want to improve this can be reprogrammed through the law of attraction.

For you to reprogram, you should take advantage of the power manifested on the subconscious mind. First of all, you have to believe in yourself. If what you seek is material wealth then you should be willing to change any limiting beliefs you might have about money. If its weight loss the same thing applies you have to let go or change any negative and limiting beliefs you might have about weight loss.

The law of attractions comes in as a mechanism to reach to your subconscious mind to eliminate or replace any old believe that might be limiting you from achieving a great thing in life.

These belief has been there for a very long time. If I tell you today that getting rid of them will be easy then I will be lying to you. Conquering all these layers of negativity is going to required determination and consistency on your side.

These beliefs have taken too much from us that they even became part of our lives. Changing them requires of somewhat a plan that works in a particular sequence.

A big day in our lives is formed by small good and successful days, patience is a virtue that you should exercise when implementing the law of attraction, least assured that it will not work overnight.

Relate well with people

How we relate with people is largely attributed to what we have fed in our subconscious mind. This explains why there is always a common factor in how we related to people. Well, the good news is that with the law of attraction you can change this pattern.

Let’s face it, there is no denying the fact the universe laws have a huge saying on how we relate with people. Law of attraction has control over our fears, faith, thoughts, interests, attitude, psychological needs and beliefs just to name a few. These are the factors that play a major role in determining the kind of people we attract.

By knowing the power of the subconscious mind, I now have control over my relationship life. I no longer push so hard to try and save a relationship or even change someone. Its either I leave things as they are or use the law of attraction to attract someone better.

Relationships are a major hitch to most people. Other than focusing on how to attract a better partner most people try to revive relationships that didn’t work previously. Love yourself enough to walk away from a relationship that drains you away.

Make money your friend

Truth be told, money can actually buy happiness. I have to admit that money was the reason why I got motivated to try out the law of attraction even more. After changing my beliefs on money-related issues I had a sudden breakthrough and the flow of money in my life increased significantly.

Personally, I worked on my beliefs about money by observing how I behaved whenever I had a money deal, spent big and got broke. I realized that there were some issues that I needed to work on of which I did and through the law of attraction manifested wealth.

Handling issues to do with money is rather tricky even when you are using the mighty LOA. This is so given the fact that different people are going through different financial situations. For this to work, you have to implement an appropriate method that matches your then current financial situation.

The truth is, most people end up using the wrong techniques in attempts to attract money and this only end up making things worse. Then I was not financially stable and using techniques portraying wealth never worked. They would only vibrate that I was broke.

Other than believing that I am actually wealth I engaged in something more of physical. I opened bank accounts, in particular, a financial freedom account. With time my relationship with money improved, the flow of money coming in increased significantly. I am not there yet but I will continue using the law of attraction.

The key to being successful in business

Business is a risk, the greater the risk the higher the reward. The law of attraction taught me to always have faith in everything that I do and that include business ventures.

Personally, my business is mainly based online. After I started believing in the products I was selling and actually started visualizing my business as a success. I enquired and researched more on the products I was trying to sell and this gave me a whole new understanding of things.

I later came to know that potential customers can actually tell if a certain comment of fact about a product is true or not. And, if you are to exercise honesty in my line of business then its mandatory for you to have a complete understanding of the product you are selling.

In whatever business you are venturing in, you should have faith that you got what it takes to earn big. Manifest only success in your business and by so doing you will notice a great improvement in your business.

Visualize things that make you happy

What most people don’t know is that there is actually a great difference between visualization and daydreaming. If you are new to the field there will be instances when your goal will be to visualize creatively but you shall end up daydreaming.

With consistency, you should be in a position to visualize creatively just any time you wish and I found this method very useful especially whenever I wanted to gain peace of mind.

The law of attraction is held by the pillar of creative visualization. In fact, according to the law of attraction, for you to attract something you must have visualized it. Creative visualization is not something that is learned overnight, you have to practice on it. Neville Goddard has actually gone ahead and laid out the various ways and steps on how you can visualize.

Happiness is key to success and I recommend that you use the right approach on this. If certain visualization techniques feel better to adopt it since it delivers the best results.

Change your attitude

I had an attitude that was not all that admirable and this prompted me to seek help from books and programs on how to change attitude. Little did I know that change of attitude was rather natural than learned.

To change your attitude you should be ready to face your fears. Basically, there are two types of fears limiting people from becoming successful that is; fear of failure and fear of change. These two fears tend to dictate how we live our lives. Its quite a big deal to most people but once you know the secret on how to face such fears things become easy.

Facing your fears doesn’t mean that they will disappear with no trace but rather will be there as a constant reminder of where you came from.

Fear of failure is common to everyone including successful people. This is so because when you venture into something, in most cases there is never an assurance that this will pay off.

For you to be successful you have to be ready to face the fear, well not unless you want to hide behind the door and shy away from this monster they call fear of failure.

Books on the law of attraction always recommend that you wait for an inspiration before trying out things. Well, this is true and makes sense but there is nothing wrong with making the first move. Actually, there is a saying that goes practice makes perfect. The more you experiment the better you become.

As I got to understand the law of attraction better I learned that I actually had control over how I achieved my goals. I started having a deadline for every goal set and always kept reminding myself of the deadline. Having a time limit ensures that you don’t strain yourself too much or fail to do enough and expect results.

People make a mistake of concentration on where the LOA states that all you need to do is dream and visualize something and forget the part that says having a goal helps boost the law of attraction process. Everything might not work as expected but always ensure that you give your best to avoid any future regrets.

Just like a coin, even the law of attraction has its own set of positives and negatives. Deals with each one of them as per the book!

Grow spiritually

I ensured that is saved the best for the last. We can all attest to the fact that there is nothing in this world that is greater than inner peace. If you want to manifest and be successful you might be in the right state of mind. Your emotions have to be in the right state for you to attract good things in life.

For you to manifest good things in your life you first of all heave to actually feel good about yourself. And, this can only be possible if you have high self-esteem. I understand that there is a lot of crap written on the internet about self-love making this not even a clear topic but this doesn’t change the magic self-love has on your life in general.

Initially, the reason why I decided to try out the law of attraction was due to material things. Later, I came to realize that the greatest treasure in all these is inner peace.

In fact, for you to achieve the rest of your desires the first step should be getting peace of mind. This is the only time you can be in a position to change the thing fed to your subconscious mind and manifestation also become easier.

For you to get peace of mind or in other words spiritual growth you have to be willing to let go of any burden that has been bothering you and preventing you from achieving your destiny. Examples of ways in which you can do this include mindfulness exercises and meditation.

It is my hope that this article was useful to you and that you learned a thing or two concerning the law of attraction. Please share the post and let’s all create awareness on the law of attraction.

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