How Manifestation Changed My Life

I’m Linda, I just wanted to share my recent manifestation journey on this blog because Lisa has been a huge part of the person I am becoming… So here it is.

I love manifesting good relationships! Healthy, productive, supportive relationships. It’s about time I took charge of my well being and my life and made choices to better myself. I started this journey 5 months ago when I realized my life needed to change. I have been in a rut for years!

I always felt I needed a partner. I always felt I wasn’t good enough. I felt bogged down and trapped in my life. I drank to much, and had tons of self doubt. I definitely never knew my worth. I allowed people to take advantage of my kindness, love, and generosity. To a point that it depleted any self love I had left. I was constantly struggling. With a million different things. Money, love, work, my kid, my family.

Then I decided it was time for a change. Time to get my life right. I started this journey with a watch of the good ole secret. Then I joined a forum group about manifestation. Then I took it one step further and decided to do the hardest thing ever! I quit smoking! I then began to eliminate negativity from my life. One thing, and person at a time. I started a vision board. I focused on self love. I focused on myself! I let go of my anger, my resentments , my entitlement, my doubts and most importantly I let go of my expectations for my life. My life has made a complete 180 in the last 5 months and I can’t believe the incredible change in myself!!

I’m just so honestly grateful for this journey. The new healthy relationships in my life, the new people I keep meeting. The families I’m meeting and the love and kindness and support I’ve been getting from people. I always knew I was a good and kind hearted person. I’ve always known I had the potential to be genuinely happy. I just didn’t know how to get there. But now I do. It’s the power of positivity and it’s freaking amazing! It’s addicting and honestly the one thing in my life I could never live without now. Lol. Changing my mindset to accept the good that the universe is offering me has been mind blowing.

I started out manifesting rent. The first month I was so excited to pay it by myself. The second month even more. Now the third month will be coming and I can’t wait to hand over the money. It’s a huge thing for me and to be able to do it alone! To use my skills and assets to make the money needed to support me and my kids is a true blessing! This life is mine to create and I choose love and joy and kindness and honesty and plain positive vibes. It works!!


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  1. This is awesome Linda, I’m so happy for you! I adore reading happy, positive posts like this. Thank you for sharing your journey

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