I need help for manifesting thing  


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11/04/2019 8:55 am  

Sorry this post may be a little long. I truly believe in the power of LAO and manifestations. This forum is AMAZING. I have been struggling with manifesting things I need and want from my job. I run and have fun my own daycare for almost 18 years. There has been a lot of changes that the stay has made on what is required making not paperwork and less time doing what we truly love to do. I had a visit a couple months ago from our licensors, it wasn't a bad visit as in violations and things but they just made me feel not so good. They praised things that I am doing and how great but just having them come in is so stressful. Since then I have been struggling to get back to 26th love of my job. I do love it and I am always looking and finding ways to make it better for myself and families. We also have a huge center opening on a college campus along with universal pre-K which is causing many I us to lose children 2 years before we use to. I just heard today. So with this said I am having a hard time filling my open slots. I am being positive but with my anxiety those thoughts that can block what we are manifesting come up and I need to figure out ways to stop them and allow them to connect with what we want and need. This is my families lively hood and really love what I do even with all the road blocks. Please share what you do and how I can open those passages I NEED to fill my slots, bring love and joy back. Thank you


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