9 Best Law Of Attraction Manifestation Techniques for Easy Manifestation

If by any chance you happen to be into things to do with Law of Attraction then I doubt if there is any chance that you might not know a few top-notch manifestation techniques.

By default affirmation and visualization are no doubt popular due and there are good reasons to back up this.

If you are a beginner things are rather easy and straightforward, however, the same cannot be said for the more experienced ones. Theirs is more complex and involving. But, it is important to know that manifestation techniques work in handy with LOA.

We have prepared a list of the top 9 Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques and they are as follows:

Multi-Perspective Visualization

As mention earlier visualization is very popular and there is a reason for this. With a visual exercise, you will be in a position to ensure that you manifest the image right. That’s not all, you can also prospect the exercises as a third party.

Well, did you know that most famous athletes improve their performance and skills by first visualizing themselves do it?

Research and statistics have shown that 3rd person perspective is the most effective all you have to do is ensure that you alternate the perspective and as they say, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. So, if 1st person perspective doesn’t work for you don’t dwell too much on it.

Intention point shifting

There is no doubt that Intention Point Shifting is one of the best secrets of LOA. This success is largely attributed to the fact that Intention Point Shifting is rather very easy to understand and not forgetting that it is flexible and can be adjusted to fit in any real-life situation.

On a personal experience, LOA didn’t work for me; well not until I learned a thing or two about Intention Point.

Experts say that intention point is like a meeting point between your mind and the heart. The logic and sense in this are that, once you have your intention point activated you will be in a position to process things easier and fasters will self-grown motivation.

Multi-Sensory Visualization

It is one thing to change your perspective as you visualize something and another to have a multi-sensory visualization. So, what do we mean by multi-sensory visualization? What means is that, other than involving only your sight when visualizing your future better results is achieved if you involve more than one sense.

In particular, aim to use all your senses for instance: how does it feel when you touch it? How does the surrounding environment smell like? Are there any familiar sounds that you can hear?

If you revoke more senses this means that you will have a clear and vivid picture of your manifestation. With more senses involved in the manifestation, your visualization will have more data to it unlike when you just visualize it using only your sense of sight.

Questioning your beliefs

Once in a while we engage ourselves in negative self-talk or even doubt your capability to handle a certain challenge. But, where do all these come from? Well, the fact of the matter is this can be traced back to something that happened to you in the past irrespective of whether you were a child or during your teens. Once you trace back the root of all these then you will be in a position to make rational decisions based on the same.

For instance, there are those who believe they can never excel in certain things just because their third-grade teacher told them so. Well, don’t allow the words of a jealous teacher pull you down.

There are also those who have low self-esteem due to harsh words said to them by one of their exes. The sooner you realize these people have no impact in your life you will learn to let go of that negativity.

Connect with an object

Connect with an object in real life so as to excel in your manifestation. The good thing about this is that there is no limit on how you can use the object. There are those who use an object given to them by someone precious as good luck charm and even go as far as taking it to a job interview.

If you feel that you will have a better visualization when you hold the object feel free to do so. This will help you get a crystal clear image in your manifestation. Items used as representative objects are jewelry, coins, stones, and shells.

However, you don’t have to think too much about the object, trust your guts and you will find just the right object.

Dream boarding

This is s technique that is rather famous and almost everyone has tried out. It involves drawing what you are visualizing on a clean piece of paper. The display should be in either pictures or words.

Everyone dreams of one day finding their soulmate that is if they don’t have one already. You can apply dream boarding by cutting pictures of happy couples from magazines or newspapers, write down the places that you would like to visit and the foods you would like to it. Take it as far as you would wish.

In the dream, boarding creativity is the key. There are those who would prefer to include their own drawings. This technique allows you to put down what you are visualizing and you should ensure that you don’t leave any detail behind. Keep the dream board somewhere you will see it as many times as possible.

Turning negatives into positives

The law of attraction clearly states that you have to stay positive since this is the cornerstone of the law. But, how can you facilitate this with all the negativity around?

You can ensure that you remain positive by writing down things that make you happy. On average it is recommended that you write three things in a day. You should also write positive things you learned from a difficult situation,

This process allows you to focus on the things that make you happy and ensure that you take only the positives even on from a rather painful situation.

Some of the more complex meditation approaches that can help you change your positives into negatives are spinning feelings exercise.

Using a focus wheel

This is rather simple but effective and recommendable way that helps you stay motivated and stick to the positives in your life. How do you go about it? Take a piece of paper then draw a circle. In the circle write down things that you would want whether its financial stability, love partner you name it.

After writing down the things you would like in life take an initiative and write down something positive why that goal is achievable. For instance, if you want a business you can write down “I can do this given my education and the skills I acquired in school.”

Write as many positives as you can all around the circle. Attach it your dream board of just any other place that where you can see it as multiple times in a day.

 Living “As If”

Other than staying back and wishing of something start living as if you already have it.

Walk as if you have already achieved it, change your wardrobe and if you can add some furniture do so. Anything within your means that can make you feel as if you have already achieved your goals will be useful here.

Doing this sends a strong signal to the people around you and will always keep you in high spirits.

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