7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want

There is no doubt LOA is effective and has worked on millions of people from all over the globe. Despite this success story, there are those who claim that Law of Attraction has not worked for them. Well, the good news is I have a guide that will help make this law work on you.

The first time I heard of the term Law of Attraction, the only thing that came to my mind was that this was another internet scum that never works. Despite this, in mind, I went ahead to try it and adding to my disappointment it didn’t work. At least not before I realized I was doing something wrong.

Was in which you can apply LOA

In the mini-guide I have prepared I have gone straight to the point and my aim is to help everyone reading this post make the Law of Attraction work for them. Just like it has worked for millions of people all over the globe!

I have prepared a 7 steps procedure in which you can adapt to make the LOA work for you. However, before then it is important to first test this law yourself. You do so in small bits that cannot be classified as a coincidence. Well, I just hope that you would start off by expecting a million dollar lottery win. For this law to work you have to believe in it and you can only do so by gathering little evidence on small things it has worked for you.

Have a portfolio of success

On a personal experience, I have to say that I had to build my own success story in using LOA. When you see it work on small things this will help you gain confidence and trust on the principle and it will no longer be a thing of whether it works or not but rather where you can apply it.

As much as there are ways in which you can speed up the manifestation process you have to believe in the fact that the Law of attraction will work for you. If you do so you will see a great difference in how things manifest themselves.

7 guide steps on how you can make LOA work for you

Know your desire

For this law to work for you it calls for you to believe that everything can be achieved. Believe that it is possible to fulfill your desires.

With that said, this means that you need to know what your life desires are. And with the desires don’t say general things like I want a new car, I want a house or I want more money. This is rather general and you should be more specific.

I would rather you be more specific like I would like a brand new brown Audi A5 with perfect music speakers and air conditioning. Now, this is a specific desire.

When you are more specific in your desires the image will be vividly clear to you. This will make your mind works towards that goal and this is how the Law of Attraction works.

Have faith your desire will be fulfilled

If you don’t believe something there is a high it will not be fulfilled. It is that simple.

Most people find it difficult to believe in something they know nothing about or have not yet seen it work. This is understandable and you can beat this fear by starting small.

As mentioned earlier, you have to start small and build up your confidence as you climb up the ladder. Personally, I tested the law by asking to see a Bonsai tree. Don’t give me that look as much as it sounds awkward. The reason why I chose this was due to the simple fact that I had never seen one before and there was no chance that I was to see on unless I bout it.

For the next three weeks, I was visualizing about Bonsai tree. To my surprise, I started seeing Bonsai trees on TV commercials and in other people’s houses. After weeks I had some guests at my house who were old friends from back in college. As I was showing one around to my surprise one of them handed me a Bonsai tree apologizing that she was not able to buy me a gift after moving to my new home. Honestly, I was shocked. This was how I started building confidence and trust in the LOA.


Being in a position to visualize something in exact details plays a major role when it comes to manifestation! The first two steps help you get an idea of what you want, either through guided meditation or visualization you will realize that your desires will get fulfilled quicker.

The best way to visualize something is through guided meditation. Expert term this process as taking a journey into your mind and this will help you in manifesting your ideas making them come to pass in real life.

For you to achieve something you first have to visualize it. For instance, if you want to buy a brand new car you have to have the picture of the car that you want to purchase in your mind, feel yourself driving the car on the busy streets, get excited about owning the car. This is the case for all desires, you must, first of all, visualize in your brain before the desire can be fulfilled.

Inner dialogue

Mahatma Ghandi stated an important quote that should help you through this.

Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.

What you think each and every day will be manifested in actions for that specific day. If you have negative thought then you are likely to have a bad mood for the day. For you to fulfill your desires you should infuse your mind with your life desires. By doing so, you will realize that you will change how you think and behave. Other than concentrating on how you have failed previously you will find yourself thinking of things you can do to make your desire come true.

Be particularly careful with your inner dialogue. Don’t feed yourself with negative energy. Dwell only on the positives and you will even find out that your positive energy will start to attract meaningful people in your life.

Better questions, lead to better answers

As the right kind of questions that is other than asking yourself why you are such a loser ask yourself the things that you can do to increase your success.

If you ask yourself the wrong questions then your subconscious will feed you with automatic negative answers.

If you ask yourself why you are such a failure then your brain will feed you with a dozen reasons why you are a failure. However, if as yourself positive questions then your brain you will feed you will positive answers.

If by any chance you find yourself focusing on negative questions quickly turn this around to positive questions and you will automatically note the difference.

Letting go

It is one thing to have a desire, to believe in it and even visualizes it and on the other hand to fulfill it. Don’t hold too much on the desire but rather let it go.

Just like a butterfly if you hold your desires so tightly you are going to kill it. Hold it tightly and continue enjoying life.


Be grateful in life and this will help build more positive energy in you. With such kind of energy, you will be in a position to manifest more on what you would wish to achieve in life.

Di it with a good heart and fill yourself with love. After all, learning to co-exist peacefully with other people can help you achieve your goals.

How do you use LOA?

The Law of Attraction works all you have to do is know the various steps that you should follow to make it work for you.

Every day we manifest on various things, put in the extra effort and manifest the things you desire ensuring that you follow the seven steps above and watch as your desires get fulfilled.

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